Poetry of Life


You’ve become the morning

I’ve become the night of the day

We both have lives separate now

I’ll still meet you

and that’s my promise

I’ll be there for you

and never break my promise

But you have to live without me

Don’t make eye contact with me

I don’t want to lose myself again

Meeting you brought a lot of happiness

But it was nothing compared to the sorrow

Now I have to let you go.

Maybe you’ll go

Maybe you won’t

My brain will one day

end on its own

Love broke me

Something is seen in you

My heart cannot break anymore

This pain might last for months

Maybe even for years

I’ll try to move on

Lie to my heart everyday

Now this ray of light rises

The pain is far away

Life is full of surprises

Happiness found its way

Believing in myself

I’ll fight through all my pain

And yet the memories that were brought,

the scars forever stay

And you will always have a piece of my heart…