5 Simple Ways to Help the Environment!

Jiada Zhao, Reporter

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The world’s environment is going through harsh times. It’s being polluted everyday and eventually the earth will become an uninhabitable wasteland. That is why we, the people, must do everything we can to prevent that. Here are 5 simple ways that you, as high school students, can help the environment and live a greener lifestyle. Don’t worry, they’re within realistic means.

  1. Change your light bulb – In the 21st century, we have seen the introduction of new, compact fluorescent lights, you know, those swirly bulbs. By replacing the old light bulbs with these new ones, you can decrease pollution equivalent to the amount of pollution produced by 1,000,000 cars!
  2. Recycle glass – By recycling glass, you reduce air pollution caused by glass by 20% and water pollution caused by glass by 50%. If you don’t recycle those glass products, it can take up to a million years for them to decompose.   So, make sure you put them in the right trash bin!
  3. Don’t buy plastic bottles – Instead of buying plastic bottles, use a thermos or another reusable bottle, because chances are, you’re not going to throw that into the recycle bin-  that’s going to take a few thousand years to decompose. Besides, it’ll save you money and plastic bottles aren’t good for your health.
  4. Take shorter showers – By shaving off two minutes from your shower time, you can save ten gallons of water, and if everyone in the country can do this over the course of one year, we’ll have twice the amount of freshwater drawn from the Great Lakes every day.
  5. Brushing without running – Turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth. It may sound unreal, but many people don’t turn off the running water and waste tremendous amounts of it. By turning the faucet off while brushing, you’ll save up to five gallons per day.

Good Luck Changing Your Ways!!

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