Chinese Cultural Club


Of all the after school associations, the largest of them all would most definitely have to be the Chinese Cultural Club. It has approximately 80 members, this being approximate, because keeping track of such a large crew at all times can be a difficult task. Nonetheless, they have a lot of fun together and even manage to get their point across. Celebrating Chinese culture, aiding kids from foreign nations to adapt to the American way of life and education is an admirable mission. But don’t let the name dissuade you. ¬†This large club is open to any, and all, who are willing to learn about other cultures and most importantly have fun.

Such a large club needs larger leadership than your average club, so bear with me as I run down a brief breakdown of all the positions that support the club’s maintenance. The club has an anuual budget of $800 from the school, which is surprisingly low for all the things this club is associated with. The club adviser is Mr. Cober, Xin Cheng You, the valedictorian this year, is the President, Jade Wu, Jian Zhu, and Jing Huang are the three Vice Presidents. The fact that they need three VPs shouldn’t be a shocker, as helping hands are always in need in such a vast gathering. Sheng Hui Lin is the Secretary, Chris Wei and Kai Ki Luo are the Treasurers, Kevin Wong and Yue Zhuo are the Ministers of Communication, Ankie Wong and Kewei Lin are the Ministers of Visual Arts, and Patrick Zou is the Minister of Performing Arts. Now this may seem like a superfluous set of administrators, but take into consideration the incredible task they have to uphold in teaching traditional cultures and celebrating events, while still providing entertainment for all.

To keep their members satisfied and busy, they participate in various activities that range all over the school. They hold an annual Karaoke competition, they play a large hand in the Multicultural show by expressing their unified love for a phenomenon known as K-pop. ¬†They also create an annual magazine as well. To spread the knowledge of Chinese traditions, they celebrate many events, such as the Moon Cake Festival, the Lion Dance and of course, the Chinese New Year (Why the long face? Is it because it’s the year of the horse?). During the year, a senior party is held in honor of those who are graduating and stepping into the next chapters of their lives. At the end of the year there is a barbecue at Manhattan beach where the President is most ceremonially thrown into the water. If you have an inquisitive nature, thirst for knowledge, and an overall need for human interaction and joy, you will find this club more than accommodating to your needs.