Mr. Scherer’s Class Focuses on 9/11


The following two poems were inspired by Mr. Scherer’s annual 9/11 lesson that teaches the events of that day while focusing on civic virtue.  After the lesson students were given a list of differentiated assignments to choose from.  Here are two beautiful 9/11 poems and other art work from this commemorative lesson:

Civic Virtue of Great Grand

By Mila Mirzakandova


September 11, 2001

Is a day that is remembered by everyone

A day which held unification

A day in which people exemplified amalgamation

There were several heroes that took a stand

They showed civic virtue and it was grand

A true hero was in command

He put on his red bandana and supplied a helping hand

He easily could have saved his own life

But he ran back upstairs to help others survive

He was dauntless, gallant, and very audacious

He told people to help who they can, which proved him to be very tenacious

He saved a dozen people

On that tragic day

He affected many places

And is remembered by numerous faces

He was a team player on and off the field

And on the side a volunteer firefighter who would never yield

He did what many would never do

He put others before himself, knowing that he would not make it through

He left a gift and a legacy

He is honored and remembered respectively

His name was Welles Crowther

The boy in the red bandana

September 11, 2001

A day that is remembered by everyone

A day which held coalition

A day in which people exemplified collaboration

A day on which we remember the people who lost their lives

And honor the heroes who helped others survive.


Flying Captive

By Erva Kalkan

Fear, panic, confusion,

Feeling the fear of captivity

What happened to the captain?

We are going to die

Not going without a fight

We will try to save this fight

Call up our friends on the ground

Maybe we will be safe and sound

Children are screaming

Women are crying

Men are bracing themselves

Because we are dying

Help who you can

Help yourself

Fear again

Its getting closer

We are getting closer to the building

Help us, someone

Everyone is screaming