Can’t We All Just Get Along


Mediation is a place where two mediators are placed to help two disputants come up with an agreement that will help prevent any problem between the two disputants. Before the two disputants are placed in the mediation center, they are questioned whether they would like to solve their conflict in the mediation center or in the dean’s office. To avoid being suspended, the students usually chooses to solve their problem in the mediation center.

The disputants are placed on opposite sides of each other.  Sitting next to them are two mediators who start off the mediation addressing the rules that they must abide by, in order to carry on the mediation. Both disputants are not allowed to interrupt, use bad language, or get physical during or after the mediation. Both mediators must mention that they will maintain neutral, meaning they are not allowed to repeat any part of the conflict to any person that is not involved in the current mediation. It is also important as a mediator to never choose sides and to make sure that both disputants feel as if they have gotten something accomplished through their conflict.

Social media or rumors are usually the cause of the conflicts. A short status posted on Facebook or Twitter is usually good enough to get two students to quickly argue. Some teenagers feel that expressing their opinion through social media is the easiest way start a fight. Many students also crave the attention from other viewers, which sometimes may lead to fights. There have been mediations where two friends become enemies due to quick spreading rumors. Video tapping fights has become a very popular thing to do.

The mediation center is a place where both disputants are able to get their thoughts and feelings out, without their conversation leading into a fight. Sometimes both disputants come out of the mediation room as friends, while a few others choose to keep their distance and respect each other. Mediation is a positive step and experience for several teenagers that either go through daily conflicts or for those who choose to help solve daily problems.