Roosevelt’s C.C.C.

Roosevelt’s C.C.C.

Franklin D. Rosevelt’s New Dealer, decided to direct its attention on the C.C.C. The CCC is widely known as the Chines Culture Club, an organization that directs most of its attention on creating a friendly, fun, and energetic atmosphere for its members and the school as a whole. Mr. Korber along with many determined and responsible members are in charge of keeping the club up and running.

The Chinese Culture Club has been running for twenty four consecutive years and has made a lot of contributions to our FDR community. Seven years ago the Chinese Culture Club, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, decided to host a show celebrating this annual event. The show was a success to say the least, and it became a foundation for the insanely popular Multicultural Show that celebrates the cultural diversity of our school. Even this year, the Chinese Culture Club participated in the Multicultural show and performed two dances, along with a traditional Chinese play.

Along with the previously mentioned activities, the Chinese Culture Club does many other recreational activities such as the lion dance. The dance attracted students who were eager to learn the art of the dragon, not to mention the numerous other Chinese Cultural holidays that the club celebrates.  The C.C.C. strengthens the ties with this ancient and rich culture.

The Club also received wide recognition for its Bilingual Magazine that gets released every year. The magazine includes interesting teacher interviews, stories, poetry, art, as well as the history of the club. Next year the Club will be celebrating its twenty fifth anniversary, which will be accompanied by the release of the twenty firth edition of the Chinese Culture magazine and numerous other activities.

The success of the club however lies within the hands of numerous members and their experienced mentor Mr.Korber, who collectively helped the club prosper for so long. The President of the club is Yue Zhuo, who relies on the wise opinion of his Vice President, Anqi Wang. Also, the club has an Accountant, Kai-qi Lou, who works along the side of the Communication Officer, Kevin Lam. Finally, last but certainly not least, is Xue-ying Mo, who is the clubs Resident Engineer, informally known as the “problem solver.”

The club has a very sophisticated entrance policy that is abbreviated as W.J.S. The success of the Chinese Culture Club is partly due to W.J.S., which stands for Walk in, Join, and Stay. These three factors test the student’s determination and will, which is needed when it comes to becoming a member of the Chinese Culture Club. The club meets every Wednesday, period nine room 325!

“Do you have what it takes to become a C.C.C. member?”