Anime- Fairy Tail


Yelsy Estrada, Reporter

The Kingdom of Fiore is the home of many wizards, exceeds which are flying cats (how cool is that), celestial spirits, and even giant monsters. The wizards that live there can wield in any kind of magic such as fire, ice, air, lightning, metal or even dragon slayer magic. Dragon Slayer magic is a form of Lost Magic. Each dragon slayer has their own form of magic just like each dragon is a master of its own element. In addition dragon slayers have the ability to consume the element they wield, just as long as it is not created from their own magic. By eating the element they wield, it rejuvenates them while also enhancing their abilities. Dragon Slayers are also known to posses keener senses than that of normal human such as smell, sight and hearing. The Kingdom of Fiore is also home to the most notorious guild named Fairy Tail known for its members over destructive members. One day a girl named Lucy Heartfilia had run away from her prominent home to join the guild and become a celestial wizard mage. She happens to meet Natsu Dragneel (one of the guild members and a dragon slayer) and be saved by him after a couple of bandits kidnap her. After being saved, Natsu invited her to join the guild and form a team with Natsu and his feline friend Happy. After forming the team and going on different jobs together, their friend Gray Fullbuster, an ice wizard, and Erza Scarlet, a requip magic user, later happen to join the team and help in defeating dark magic wizards all around. If you happen to like fantasy and talking animals, you may want to consider also watching these animes:

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