Come Join Peer Mediation!


FDR’s Peer Mediation program was originally the idea of Doctor Alvarez. It is a program that aims to resolve conflicts among students. The program has been running for two years, and it is quite successful! Miss Simone and Miss Gobin are currently running the program.  According to Miss Simone, the Peer Mediator Center resolves approximately twenty conflicts per month. Fifteen students are working as peer mediators, and half of them are new to the program. Miss Simone encourages more students to apply, “Come help people in your school. Let issues resolve before they escalate.”

Senior Nygerya Blount has been in the programs since the beginning. When reflecting upon her experience as a peer mediator, she said that it helped her to fix her own problems. She learned how to calm down when she is angry, and also to be more empathetic.  When asked if she enjoyed being a peer mediator, Nygerya said, “Love it!” She is passionate about helping people, and Miss Simone wants more students like her to apply for peer mediation.  There are no specific criteria for the program. You do not have to be a student with straight A’s to join. However, there is one requirement: you have to be passionate and feel comfortable talking to people. If you have lunch 2nd, 3rd, 6th or 7th period, you can come by room 137 and apply.  There will be a fun training period with mock mediations before you start working.  Come join if you like!