Lolita Style At FDR


FDR is home to many students, of different backgrounds, which means that there is a lot of style diversity in the school. Walking through the hallways you see all types of people dressed in many outfits. Someone whose outfit choices, and style, stands out “majorly” is KeCheng Zhong. Her outfits are so beautifully put together. KeCheng’s style is most definitely unique from others. She follows “Lolita,” which is a Japanese way of dressing, and the outfits are inspired by Victorian and Edwardian style. Many may look at her outfits and think she is straight out a fairy tale with her voluminous skirts and frills.

Her style is very feminine and certainly catches your eye. As she says her self, you will always see her in one of her dresses or skirts no matter what day it is. She is deeply devoted to the clothes she wears and does not let the opinion of others get to her. She does not care about the opinion of others, because you cannot stay happy like that. Her advice is very much true, and we should always keep that in mind, not only regarding clothing, but to life as a whole. She does most of her shopping online and wishes to become a Lolita designer in the future, because it is really her passion and inspiration.

Her inspiration comes from her friends, and she has been dressing like this for a really long time. She does not plan on changing her style anytime soon. She is appreciative of everyone’s style and believes that whatever we wear defines something about us. Commenting about others she says, “Many people have different styles and by mixing these styles we come up with new styles.” KeCheng surely has a dedication to her style and we must appreciate her for coming everyday in these beautiful outfits that many would be scared to wear themselves.

Next time you are in the hallways, be on the lookout for one of her gorgeous skirts or absolutely cute shoes. Walking in around school with her adorable ponytails and Lolita style outfit,s makes us want to be that dedicated and amp up our look a bit. Hopefully, KeCheng will become a very successful fashion designer, and we wish her all the best for the future.