Ending Wildfires Before They End Us!


Imagine a place where the only way that you could go outside is by having a gas mask on. Well, you will not have to imagine it any longer. There have been countless wildfires erupting in California, and they all come from one major problem: global warming. With temperatures rising steadily each year, it is no wonder droughts have struck California. Moreover, these droughts bring more problems. Wildfires are spreading because of these droughts and will continue to do so if further precaution is not taken.

As California currently experiences these wildfires, other place in the U.S. have also been impacted. According to the Florida Forestry Service, there were 110 active fires covering over 20,285 acres. The destructive wildfires, which have been burning from the Florida-Georgia border down to Miami-Dade County, continue to grow rapidly. The strong smoke from these fires has begun to spread far and wide, bringing up health concerns to the people living in, or near, those areas. This has become a major health risk to those who have allergies, as well as the weak, children, and elderly. People have been advised not to leave their house as often; however, this may put people’s jobs at risk.

Although firefighters were once able to easily overcome these wildfires, it has now become a growing concern, as larger wildfires continue to spread almost faster than they are being put out. Just two weeks ago, eleven people died and many individuals were injured, making this year one of the most deadly wildfire seasons in California’s history. There were a few incidents where palm trees caught fire during Christmas Eve this year, so instead of firefighters spending Christmas time with their families, they were out doing their job. As a result, firefighters are continuously putting out fires with no break, staying on high alert.

As of now, states such as California are taking precautions as they build new houses, making sure the structures are at a reasonable distance apart from each other. Further, fire safety precautions are being discussed in order to help stop major wildfires from spreading. However, people should be noticing the real culprit behind all these incidents: global warming. Instead of only spreading awareness about this wildfire phenomenon, spread awareness on global warming as well, because although wildfires are being managed as of now, the future holds a greater concern for everyone living beyond just California.