The Female Serial Killer: Aileen Wuornos


Hearing about a serial killer, most would think of a man. A serial killer, however, is not only male, there are also female serial killers. Aileen Wuornos is a prime example, she murdered seven men. Aileen’s life was riddled with abuse of all kinds. Her mother became absent from her and her brother’s life. When she went to live with her grandparents, they were not much of a difference. She became pregnant at the age of 14 after being assaulted. Wuornos was sent to a home for unwed mothers, and she had a son who was put up for a closed adoption. Her tumultuous childhood played a major role in her adult life of prostitution and murder.
All of her victims were lured under the impression that she was practicing prostitution. Six of her victims bodies were found riddled with .22 caliber bullets. She murdered seven men on Florida highways, between 1989-1990. Her first victim was Richard Mallory, he was a 51 years old electronics shop owner. She claimed she killed him out of self – defense, and that he like her other victims tried to assault her. Her other six victims were David Spears, Charles Carskaddon, Peter Siems, Eugene Burress, Dick Humphreys, and Walter Antonio. In almost all the cases, the vehicles of the victims were found abandoned. Aileen was arrested on January 9th, 1991. Her girlfriend Tyria Moore made a deal to help police arrest Wuornos. All Moore had to do was have conversations with Wuornos, which were recorded.
Aileen Wuornos confessed to six of the murders on January 16th, 1991. On January 27th 1992 the jury unanimously decided that Wuornos was guilty of first degree murder, and the decision of the death penalty was also unanimous.