Theatre Company


Attention to all interested in the FDR Theatre Company! On October 23, after 9th period, there will be an informative meeting to discuss this years program. Anyone interested in acting, singing, dancing, stage crew, building sets, lighting crew, sound crew, advertising, promoting, and publicizing are welcome to come. This meeting will focus on FDR’s spring musical. Auditions for the musical should be around mid-November, so stay tuned for that information. This meeting helps our directors to have a better understanding of a cast and crew size for the performances. If you are interested, please come!

Our director for the spring musical, Mr.Meyers, believes FDR’s Theatre Company is important to the Cougar Family.  Over the course of a show, the cast becomes a family. Joining the theater is a great way to build friendships and social skills, learn new things, and find hidden talents! According to Mr. Meyers, being so close to each other helps enrich the theatrical performance and experience. The student based program helps to get the full theatrical experience from working on many aspects of theater. The cast and crew work hands on with professionals, to help build skills and even learn new ones. Being involved in these aspects of the Theatre Company can help students to find new talents that they didn’t necessarily know about. In addition, they can pursue a major in college and make a career for themselves in the future.

Once again, if you are interested in the FDR Theatre Company, and wish to join, make sure you go to the meeting on October 23, after 9th period. As the date gets closer, more information will be available. Make sure to listen to the morning announcements and check any messages on PupilPath for more information!