How Much Control Do Internet Bots Have Over The Internet?


Ann Toussaint, Contributor

The majority of us are familiar with the internet and use it every single day. If the internet is a frequent part of your routine, then you most likely have heard of the word ‘bot.’ Bots have turned into a slang word on the internet, for accounts that engage with only specific topics on social media, to boost them. Looking at it plainly, this doesn’t seem to be a negative thing. However, these accounts are often used to boost false narratives on the internet, affecting how accurate and reliable it is for any normal person to trust internet information. 

The internet is a place where people, especially young children go to get updates about the latest issues. The so-called ‘bots’ are affecting the way that news gets delivered. But who are these bots? They are usually automatic programs that focus on certain topics, but they can also be multiple accounts controlled by one person. This makes it the account’s job to follow a particular and often negative agenda. 

When messages are coming from multiple accounts, it makes it easier for them to spread. It’s giving a lot of internet control into the hands of these people or groups who create the bots. Even though they’re called internet bots, their information can spread beyond the internet- our TV and news, for example. Many people watch TV, and because bots are able to spread and be “trusted” on another platform, it paves the way for people to also receive that material on TV. 

Many are aware that the internet is changing over time. It’s really scary to think about how unreliable the internet has become, especially considering the fact there’s a generation that has grown up around, and actively use, the internet. It is important to talk about the current problems on the internet, so we can try to stop the false and negative information on the internet from spreading or evolving into something more dangerous.