Fall TV Season


Rubaab Arif and Meghann Brunard

The fall TV season is upon us, which means there are tons of shows which have to be added to our calendars. This fall is bringing along two incredible shows, Quantico and Blindspot, which will have viewers paying very close attention to their TV screens. TV lovers have extremely high expectations for these shows, and we hope their expectations are fulfilled.


Quantico focuses on a diverse group of recruits, arriving for training at the FBI Quantico base. These recruits are the best and brightest in the country who, months after their training, become primary suspects of masterminding the biggest attack on New York since 9/11. Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) is one of the recruits who is found at the spot of the attack in the show’s first scene. She has to prove her innocence by tracing the steps she took before the incident. She can either prove herself innocent or die trying. As the FBI investigates the bombing, each episode shows us how the recruits learn a new lesson at the base. The main recruit under suspicion is obviously Alex, who was at the spot of the attack. But others who are also being watched are Ryan (Jake McLaughlin), Nimah (Yasmine al Massri), Simon (Tate Ellington), Eric (Brian J. Smith), Shelby (Johanna Braddy) and Caleb (Graham Rogers). “Make a chart every week, writing down who you think is guilty and who isn’t. People’s loyalties are going to change from week to week,” says one of the actors. Many are restlessly waiting for this show, and we believe it is a “must watch.”


Being covered in tattoos, and left naked in Times Square, is a really bad way to wake up.  But for viewers of the upcoming show “Blindspot,” it’s just the beginning of an incredible mystery. Blindspot has a different type of plot from other shows. The show begins as a woman is found in Times Square covered in mysterious tattoos. Everything seems confusing and out of order until the FBI gets involved.  They see that one of their officer’s name, FBI Agent Kurt Weller, is inscribed across her back. The FBI realizes that each tattoo on her body is a crime to solve, and it will lead them closer to the truth about both her identity and the mysteries to be revealed. This show has an outstanding trailer ,which is why people can’t wait till its release.  Don’t miss it!