Summer Movies


Independence Day: Resurgence

This fantasy/science fiction film will be released in theaters on the 24th of June. This film will star a few of Hollywood’s popular actors which happen to be Liam Hemsworth, William Fichtner, Sela Ward, and Joey King. In this film you can expect to see a lot of warfare. The human race is now using retrieved extraterrestrial technology from the first invasion.  All of the nations around the globe come together to form an alliance in order to set a massive defense tactic to protect the planet. 20 years after the first Independence Day invasion, planet earth is now faced with a new extraterrestrial threat. When the aliens attack with never seen before force, only the inventiveness of a few courageous men and women can help save the world once and for all.

The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 is an upcoming American supernatural horror film directed by James Wan, set to be released in theaters on June 10th. This film is definitely a must see for all of the horror movie fanatics out there. In this horror movie, which is also based on a true story, The Enfield Poltergeist shows a case where a family is on the verge of being literally scared to death on the big screen. This movie is a sequel to the movie The Conjuring, and the lead roles of Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are performed by actor Patrick Wilson and actress Vera Farmiga. In this movie, Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to London to help a single mother and her four children get rid of malevolent spirits that took over the house. With the help of these two paranormal investigators, the family may finally get a shot at living a peaceful and normal life.