That Come-Back You Didn’t Expect


Kevin Gutierrez, Reporter

On Thursday, January 12th at 11:00 P.M. Nintendo revealed new features and new games that will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch. Here are the Top 5 games that caught people’s eyes last night.

5. 2 1 Switch This game is a party time game that test your reflexes to your opponent. You split the control in two and give one of the parts to your opponent. When the screen announces an action the first one to press their control wins in the showdown mini games. There are many other mini games in that game and all require that the players look at each other and listen to the screen. This game will be released alongside the Switch.

4. Splatoon 2 The first Splatoon game that came out for the Wii U was the first shooting game in a while by Nintendo that had players shoot areas with a paint ball gun and each other in a turf war battle. It was famous for adding over 50 gadgets and over 10 maps to the game in the later years for free and not as DLC which would have required you to pay extra. The new game offers similar mechanics with new maps, new weapons, and new characters. New Weapons include paint guns that can make an entire area rain with paint and another launches missiles with paint in selected areas. The game is expected to be released the Summer of 2017.

3. Arms Arms is a new fighting game that has you fight as boxers with long spring arms that allows you to throw punches like pistols. The game has different characters with different types of abilities such as regular fist, rip saw fist, and more! The game requires both players to have their own full switch controller. The game is expected to come out this Spring!

2. Skyrim That’s right! This will be the first Nintendo Console to play Skyrim. The game that takes place a fantasy world with dragons and a medieval theme will also be portable as well. As of now all games for the Switch will be portable and that includes this game as well. The game is expected to maintain all the aspects it had on others Consoles and is to be released Fall of 2017.

1. Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo fans have been waiting for this game for a long time. Nintendo has making a game that is a 3-Dimensional Mario select a mission to take and entering the map to complete the task. One map may have up to 8 missions! The previous games like this came out for the Nintendo 64 (Super Mario 64), GameCube (Super Mario Sunshine), Wii (Super Mario Galaxy 1&2), but none for the Wii U which may be because the Wii had two. In this game you will be traveling outside the Mushroom Kingdom and travel to similar places (parodies) of real life places. The one shown most on the trailer that we’ll all get is “New Donk City” which takes place in a small cartoonish Manhattan (Sorry other Boroughs). The other places shown were a Mexican themed town, a Forest (Possible the Amazon Rain Forest), and a Candy Land themed place. Unfortunately you will all have to wait until the Holidays to buy this game.

What do you guys think? Will Nintendo win the competition between Microsoft and Sony? Also what games in the list are you most excited about and leave your favorite games in the comments below. Thank you all for your interest in the new Nintendo Console!