Top 5 Albums of Spring!

David Mardakhayev, Music Journalist

5) Future: Future

The super trapper is back with two back-to-back full length albums. Future dropped his self-titled album on February 17, 2017 and it was met with widespread acclaim. Bangers such as Super Trapper and Mask Off dominated the radio waves and were the subject of memes galore. Stellar production from Metro Boomin’ brings the bass boosted music Future is known for. This strength also keeps the album from being higher on this list. Though the songs are stellar, Future did not go out of his comfort zone at all on this project. It sounds like left overs from any of his other albums. (Highlights: Draco, Super Trapper, Mask Off)

4) Big Sean: I Decided

Detroit rapper Big Sean has seen a fair amount of success in this decade. His trademark flow and catchy songs have helped him stand out in the sea of mainstream rap. His new album is a complete improvement from his previous projects. The productions are bouncier and harder, the songs are catchier, and the features are more impressive. Big Sean still has a monotone delivery in his verses, however, and it is fairly off-putting. (Highlight tracks: Bounce Back, No Favors)

3) Drake: More Love

More Love has been anticipated for months and Drake finally released it this past weekend. The album is exactly what you would expect from Drizzy. It is a mixture of singing and rapping with Jamaican/British slang thrown all throughout. The opener “Free Smoke” catches attention and the following song “No Long Talk” holds it with British rapper Giggs. The rest of the album is an alternating current of dance hall, trap, and rap tracks. (Highlights: Free Smoke, Portland)

2) JonWayne: Rap Album Number 2

Jon Wayne has been a huge part of the California underground for years and first gained recognition with his instrumental album “Bowser”. His newest project, “Rap Album Number 2” is an ambitious project with production that is fairly experimental using video game sound effects at times. It’s opening track “TED Talk” is a vicious, groovy, brag laced track that will have anyone bobbing their head. The thing that makes this album stand out is that it delves very deep into Wayne’s psyche and mentality and is very effective in making the listener care about his problems. (Highlight tracks: TED Talk, These Words are Everything)

1) Thundercat: Drunk

Thundercat is a weird artist. He has weird songs, a weird name, and a weird style. However, weird does not mean bad. Drunk is a stellar album. It is laced with hilarious verses, beautiful instrumentals, and thought provoking tracks. There is not much I can say about this album, but it is worth a listen. (Highlight Tracks: Walk on By, Captain Stupido)