Top Fall Essentials Men Need!


Alex Huang, Reporter

We all know it’s fall season and that means it is time for fall fashion. Many people enjoy dressing up during the autumn season, because there are more options to choose from when selecting an outfit. It is important to have the appropriate garment, so you can look presentable. I’ll be going over essentials men need in their wardrobe.

Coaches Jackets – This particular jacket is a great piece to have because it is casual and lightweight. These type of jackets can be found in a variety of colors and some have a print on the inside which adds more details to it. This jacket can be paired well with a plain tee, jeans, and a pair of nice sneakers. If you want to opt for a more dressed up look, pair the jacket with trousers, a formal shirt, and a pair of boots.

Denim – A pair of nice jeans is a must for the autumn season. You can never go wrong with a solid pair of jeans, as they match with anything you wear. There are various of jeans with different washes that you can experiment with to see which one fits your style.

Boots – If you had to invest in one type of footwear, I would definitely recommend a pair of boots. They pair well with almost anything you have on, some boots I would suggest for this season are lace up boots, chukka boots, and Chelsea boots. Putting on a pair of decent looking boots allows for a moment of texture and instantly elevates your look.

Hoodies – This piece of garment is not only timeless but stylish. Hoodies can be worn in numerous ways. Hoodies are comfortable and can be worn throughout the year. They are easy to layer with, and you can find them almost anywhere you shop. I would recommend purchasing hoodies with appropriate colors that are ideal for the fall.

Track pants – These pair of pants are currently trending for 2017, as it has been worn by prominent artists and celebrities. They are something new to try out, and it can be dressed up or down. This piece of garment is very popular in street fashion, and it also gives you the opportunity to incorporate color to your outfit.

Leather jackets – This is a classic piece to have in a man’s wardrobe. A leather jacket can be styled in many ways. If you see someone rocking this type of jacket, you can tell he or she has a sense of style. Not only is a leather jacket great for laying, but also for combining textures; it can be worn casually or dressed up. An advice that I would give before purchasing this type of jacket is that you should invest in a quality jacket that will last you an ample amount of time. It is a wiser move to spend a little more money on a top notch piece, rather than buying a cheaper one that won’t give you a sharp look.

Denim jackets – Another timeless piece to add to your collection is a good denim jacket due to its versatility. One positive feature of this jacket is that it is lightweight enough to keep you warm without becoming too hot. They come in a variety of colors, washes, and cuts which can be styled in multiple ways. When buying this type of jacket, you receive the chance to play with proportions, because a denim jacket can come in different shapes such as a boxy fit and over-sized fit. When the temperature starts becoming cooler, I would search for a sherpa-lined denim jacket which will keep you extra warm and the sherpa detailing adds a nice touch to your outfit.