Shoes Every Guy Needs To Own This Winter


Alex Huang, Reporter

Fall has vanished and winter is truly here. Aside from clothing, it is vital to have the appropriate footwear for the season, because some silhouettes look great in different seasons. I believe what a man has on feet makes up a good portion of what he has on; I’ll be going over the top five shoes men should have that will be ideal during this season.

Chelsea Boots – I’m pretty sure a select few know how much I like this particular pair of boots, as I’ve discussed them in my last article. Chelsea boots are super stylish and great, because they stand out with any outfit you wear. They also tend to be pretty comfortable, I find the boots with a crepe sole to be pleasant from my experience. If you’re considering on purchasing a pair of Chelsea boots, you should find one that suits you depending on material and cut of the shoe. For example, they come in material such as suede and finished leather. You should select one for the appropriate weather.

High Top Sneakers – It is no surprise if you see people wearing high top sneakers during the fall and winter season. They are comfortable and keep your feet pretty warm and many brands carry them! You can have yourself a golden outfit if you rock your high top sneakers with a pair of slim fitting jeans or skinny jeans and throw on a nice jacket. I can name a few brands that sells these type of sneakers: Nike, All Saints, Vans, and Converse.

Athletic Sneakers – If you want to have a pair of shoes that you can wear daily, athletic sneakers are perfect for that. Stylish, comfortable, and casual are adjectives that define athletic sneakers. They’re my favorite type of shoes to have and invest in. Brands like Nike and Adidas do an excellent job in crafting sneakers with their technology to create a cozy and relaxed fit. Two styles that are ideal for the winter are the Nike Special Field Air Force 1 and Adidas Ultra Boost ATR Terrain.

Regular Boots – I’ve discussed about the Chelsea boot before, but keep in mind, that there are a variety of boots to select from. Regular boots will come in handy during the fall and winter season, because you can stand out from everybody else. A cool feature about boots is that you can get them scuffed up and marked up. The wear and tear makes them look better, since it adds character to the shoes. If you’re in the market for a nice pair of boots, some brands to check out are Timberland, Dr.Martens, and Clarks.

Classic Leather Sneakers – This type of footwear falls under the athletic footwear section, but they work well in the cold season. Snow appears frequently during the winter season and if your leather shoes become dirty, they are very easy to clean. You can still rock nice classic sneakers in such weather conditions. Throwing on a well put together outfit with a pair of classic shoes helps elevate your look. Silhouettes such as the Adidas Stan Smith, Adidas Superstar, Nike Blazer, and Reebok Classics are affordable classic shoes to consider this winter.