Top 10 Coolest Inventions!


Raymond Li, Contributor

Welcome to the Top Ten List! Each edition we break down a Top Ten List. This edition will focus on the Top Ten Coolest Inventions! Our ranking is based on popular opinion and votes.

1. Eye Lights

EyeLights Car : The World's Smartest Car Assistant | Indiegogo

The Eye Lights are designed to improve and revolutionize how we interact with our cars. They are capable of replacing touch interfaces completely. These inventions display a holograph that would help display useful information, speed, and even stats to the driver and allow for safe driving on the road. It maximizes the chance for the driver’s eyes to be on the road, rather worrying about small information. This is a very cool invention, as it allows drivers to travel safely, not requiring  simple physical contact. With the Eye Lights, a simple hand motion like waving in the air can control the system instead.

2.Hover Surf

Hoversurf Hoverbike

The Hover Surf is a cool invention, because it mixed the idea of a hoverboard and a flying car- creating a new levitating transport model, keeping it simple but cool. The Hover Surf is for personal use. It allows for the takeoff, landing, and hovers off the ground at around 60 miles per hour. It can go up to a speed of 100 mph and hover for about half an hour. This is a very fun and cool  invention, as it allows for a fast and fun ride. Maybe later on, it evolves into actually flying bikes in the future.


A Rough Few Months For Compass - CitySignal

The compass was invented in China during the Han dynasty, between the 2nd Century B.C. and 1st Century A.D. The compass was mainly used for navigation, the first time, during the Song Dynasty, between the 11th and 12th centuries. The compass enabled mariners to navigate safely far from land, opening up the world for exploration and the subsequent development of global trade. This inventions is very cool, because it was one of the first to allowed for knowledge and understanding of the Earth.

4. Aqua Treadmill

Water Walker Spa and Aqua Treadmill | Man of Many

The Aqua Treadmill is a very big bathtub and has a moving surface at the bottom for walking or running. It allows for recovering from an injury, as it reduces the amount of pressure put on the body during cardio. It helps to strengthen the muscles and burn excess fat through aerobic exercises, and allows for relaxation after the workout. The treadmill also lets you carry your workout at your own pace- by fine-tuning the speed. This is a very cool invention, because it takes workouts on a treadmill to a new level.

5. Bat Suit

Wingsuit Flying | Red Bull

The Bat Suit is a very cool inventions, as it allow you to soar like a bird in the sky. It is based on a completely dynamic human powered flying suit. The inventions consist of a pair of strap-on bat-like wings, with rigid and non-rigid portions that can be manipulated by the wearer once aloft. The Bat Suit is very hard to pull off, but very cool, as it allow for the inventions to fly in the sky for a limited amount of time, like a bat. This invention is very cool, because it allows for you to dive and soar in the sky, taking skydiving to a new level.

6. The Printing Press

Johannes Gutenberg | Printing Press, Inventions, Facts, Accomplishments, & Biography | Britannica

The Printing Press was invented between 1440 and 1450. It created a molding technique that enabled the rapid creation of large quantities of metal movable type. The Printing press exponentially increased the speed with which book copies could be made. Thus, it led to the rapid and widespread dissemination of knowledge for the first time in history. This invention was very cool, because it was very impactful throughout history.

7. Enomad Uno

Enomad Uno: A Portable Hydropower Generator for Hikers and Survivalists | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

The Enomad Uno is a very cool invention, as it is known as a nature’s blessing to humans for renewable energy. The Enomad Uno is a portable hydro power generator with a small propeller that converts the kinetic energy of moving water into micro-electricity. This electricity can be used for many purposes, like charging your phone or providing a great power source. This invention is very cool, because it allows for the creation of renewable energy and is easily accessible, while providing power on the go.

8.The Telephone

Telephone - Wikipedia

The Telephone was an invention that allowed people to talk business and negotiate contracts more quickly and efficiently. The inventions made communication faster and more efficient, as it was possible to conduct business without being in the same room, reducing both travel time and costs. Basically, it cut down on the amount of time it took to send messages to each other. This invention is very cool, because it was an invention that boosted and totally transformed communication.

9. The Light Bulb

History of the First Lightbulb | Who Invented the Lightbulb?

The Light Bulb is an invention that transformed our world by removing our dependence on natural light. This invention was very important because initiating it, allowed for the introduction of electricity in homes throughout the Western world. Thomas Edison is credited as the primary inventor, because he created a completely functional lighting system- including a generator and wiring, as well as a carbon-filament bulb like the one above, in 1879. This invention is very cool, because it is the very first electric light source created.


Xenxo - The World's Smartest Ring that you have been waiting for.

The XENXO RING is a cool smart ring, as it allows the use of a phone speaker and microphone. It also works as a music player, controller with a Bluetooth connected smartphone, payment feature, vibration alarm, panic button, access card for smart locks, voice assistant interface, and sensors for fitness tracking. This invention is very cool, because it can replace most older inventions and technology.