What Is High School Love?


Kristina Sanchez , Contributor

What is Love to you? High school students expand this “concept of love” as perfect moments, that are continuously shared with that “one special person.”

A connection that is made through high school seems to stay with the individual for an exceedingly long time, and this connection is otherwise known as their first love. 55 percent of people say they first fell in love between the ages of 15 and 18! Less than 2% of all marriages are to high school sweethearts. However, with this rate of people falling in love at such a young age, there’s plenty of room for heartbreak. When you put expectations in someone you care about, you’re bound for disappointment.

Young love is a commonly used term to describe having a strong emotion towards someone at a fairly young age. When having this young love, that leads to heartbreak, high school students realize that what they were romanticizing was far from reality. With this never ending concept of love, many individuals fail to realize the difference between loving someone and being in love with them. You may not be in love with someone anymore, but you won’t stop loving them.

At the end of the day when you love someone regardless of your age, don’t fall in love with them, because you’re bored and need someone, not because they gave you a reason to live or you lacked attention. You love them for their actions, personality, and every beautiful flaw that comes with them. Now that you’ve stayed this long, I know love isn’t for everyone, many people may not crave affection or words of affirmation, but having this trust in someone and a feeling that you wish to see them everyday, is something that may hold importance to some people.

I encourage you today to not only find love and happiness in someone else, but look to yourself for love, find things that only make you happy. We are young for only a short period of time. I would hate for high school students to feel unlucky, or unwanted, when this is only the beginning!