Get To Know Pakistan!


Faizan Afroz, Contributor

What in is “Pakistan?” Many people know its neighboring countries, such as India, China, and Afghanistan. However, Pakistan is quite unknown in the minds of many; including our very own FDR community, even though Pakistanis make up a sizable amount of it!

The country is a part of South Asia, along with Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and the Maldives. Pakistan is a Muslim majority country, with notable minorities in Hinduism and Christianity. Pakistan is a rather new country, created from the split of British India in 1947.  Did you know that much like the United States, Pakistan is also a country where people campaigned for their rights against British sovereignty?

Pakistan has a unique culture! Beginning with its cuisine, many of its dishes are made using aromatic spices and Halal (slaughtered w/adherence to Islamic guidelines) meat. Various examples being Biryani, Kabuli Pulao, and Sajji. Furthermore, Pakistanis love cricket! It’s thrilling to watch the country face off others in a cricket match! Pakistani people also can’t get over a nice cup of Chai (tea)!

The official languages of Pakistan are Urdu and English. Urdu is a syncretic language, with an indigenous base and significant loans from Persian and Arabic languages. Other languages include Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, and Balochi. Interestingly, Pakistan has the third largest English-speaking population on the planet! 115 million English-speakers! Did you know that about 49-58% of Pakistanis are comfortable in English? Well, they are!

Pakistan truly is an amazing country with phenomenal people and a captivating culture! Share your next cup of Chai, with a Pakistani. Khuda Hafiz! (May God be your Protector!)