It’s Gaming Time!


Manny, Reporter

Brace yourselves, the Fall Games are coming… And they’re going to be big! To start off, we’ve got the biggest hype this October will probably be demonstrating soon; and that is Halo 5: Guardians! It has been 3 years since the release of Halo 4, where Chief and AI Cortana were back at it again, facing the ancient Forerunners, only this time, Cortana was lost. But was she? We’ll find out. IGN Conversationalist Alfredo Diaz stated in Halo 5 Rumors and Leaks that, “The story is focused on the Reclaimers… but, they’re not calling it a trilogy. They don’t wanna limit it to that.”  It’s more like a “saga,” one would say. The game is going to be running 60 frames per second and is going to be solely on the Xbox One (take that Playstation 4!) I kid, I kid, I’m sure PS4’s got some great games ready to counter this release. But how well will Halo 5 do without principal engine programmer Corrinne Yu, who has resigned as Halo’s programmer.  He is clearly regarded as one of the best? We’ll have to see for ourselves.

As far as the Campaign goes, Master Chief (Spartan-II John-117) will in fact, be in Halo 5. He carries Cortana’s chip in his hands. Perhaps she may return? We see him in ancient Forerunner territory, as well as a Forerunner entity emerging in the desert of the game’s trailer. The game plans to continue off the events after Halo 4: Spartan Ops and the graphic novel, “Halo: Escalation,” produced by Dark Horse Comics. There will be a new protagonist named Spartan-IV Jameson Locke, who will be hunting down Chief every step of the way, though we have no clue if he is a friend or foe… Suspenseful, isn’t it! Although, both characters are playable, and each will be able to command squads. Be a leader, not a follower!

But wait? What about Weapons/Abilities? There may be new weapons, but as far as we know, the regular UNSC weapons will still remain, like the DMR and the Assault Rifle. We will see abilities like Thruster Packs, allowing you to boost speed as you run and combat your way through, as well as Ground Pound, which allows you to slam down on an enemy from above (duh!) It pains me that I can’t provide too much information, seeing as how the game isn’t out yet and the producers are very careful with what they leak. However, it will be a thrilling waiting experience, much like Grand Theft Auto 5 was. It is definitely worth the wait. 3 years! Of course!

Will the Multiplayer be great? It is certain, but of course, good things also come with a price, don’t they? Let’s get the bad news over with first, shall we. First and foremost, Splitscreen Play is going to be taken off for campaign and possibly multiplayer. Seems a lot of games are removing that these days. Secondly, Firefights and Spartan Ops will also be taken down, but, to make up for it all (yes, this is the good news, for peeps sake!) there will be a big game mode called Warzone! It consists of 24 players, 12 players in 1 team, 12 on the other. How’s that for a Red vs Blue battle! There’ll even be AI opponents to use and control. This will be like capture the flag and domination. And lastly, you can even revive fallen teammates like in Call of Duty: Black Ops! To conclude, this game is being developed by 343 Industries and Microsoft, and will be released on October 27th, 2015, for the XBOX ONE ONLY! What do I suggest? I suggest you give it a shot. And buy the edition that carries all the games in one, since of course, it had Halo 5 Beta. This is an FPS that people who don’t even play FPS games are actually fond of. It’s unique! Will you try it out? The choice is entirely up to you, my fellow Spartans.