The Next Generation of Pokémon


Get ready everyone! For the next Generations of Pokémon are closer than you think! Pokémon Sun and Moon are coming out November 18th and will start off the 7th Generations of Pokémon. There a lot of things that remain a mystery of the game, but the Pokémon Company has given us a few teasers on what’s new and what’s changed.

One of the first things that stood out to everyone was the location of the new games. As you may know Pokémon locations are based off of real life locations such as the US or Europe. This game was the easiest to identify since it’s a series of islands and is called the “Aloa” Region. Yup! The location is based of Hawaii!

Another major feature that has players excited are the new Z-Moves. Not much are known about these attacks. What is known is that it is a powerful attack that varies on what type your Pokémon is. It is said to be the strongest attack that can used. From the clips shown by Pokémon, it is likely a 5th move the can be used, but only once per battle.

To add on to the list of little known added features to the game comes Aloa forms. The Aloa forms are new forms of Pokémon that give them a new look and type! Example: The beloved fiery Vulpix will now be an Ice type fox with snow like fur instead of its known red color. It is not yet known if the Pokémon needs an item to turn into that form, or it just occurs naturally. People say that this is a replacement from the last Generation’s Mega Evolutions, because there hasn’t been any showings of news ones, BUT you will still be able to use previous Mega Evolutions as shown in the recent trailer on October 4, 2016.
There is still much that is unknown about the game which is why I highly recommend you buying one or both when it is released on November 18th, 2016! Many fans will be celebrating  20 years of Pokémon! This is the perfect way to end the anniversary! We started off the year with Pokkén Tournament, then Pokémon Go, and finally… Pokémon Sun and Moon! Hope you’re all as excited for the release as I am! Sayonara!