Junior of the Month – Kyrollos Zakhary


Kyrollos Zakhary is this month’s Junior of the Month. He thinks FDR High School is a great school with very friendly teachers, who offer a lot of help to students.  Kyrollos has not joined any clubs, because he is focusing on his classes, but he would love to attend a meeting at the Christian Club. He thinks FDR has only become greater since he was a freshman. Throughout the years, Kyrollos has noticed that his teachers and friends are there for him, whenever he needs them. He thinks he is doing better than he did during his sophomore year; his 78 average motivated him to get a 90 average. His favorite class is US History, because history has always been a strong subject for him. Kyrollos’ advice to upcoming juniors is no matter how good or bad you did in sophomore year, junior year is an easier year. You can do much better and bring your GPA up!

Way to go Kyrollos! Keep up the good work!