Junior of the Month- Jorge Posso


This month’s Junior of the Month is Jorge Posso. He has joined the Henna Club, Peer Mediation, and FBLA. All these clubs have helped Jorge interact with his fellow peers and have also kept him busy after school. Jorge thinks FDR is amazing and all the teachers make it feel like a second home. He would never think of changing schools, because FDR is like home to him.  He has made a lot of friends and has met wonderful teachers. Jorge thinks he is doing very well in all of his classes. His favorite class would be history, because he really enjoys knowing the truth about American History. His advice for upcoming juniors is that it will get easier. Sophomore year was tough, because freshmen year was so easy.  It just does not stay that way! Jorge has no idea why he was chosen and actually thought it was a prank when we told him he was the Junior of the Month. However, Jorge was chosen! He shows dedication to his school work and the Cougar Community!