Junior of the Month – Johnny Zheng


Johnny Zheng is this month’s Junior of the Month. He hasn’t joined any clubs yet, because he honestly doesn’t have the time with homework, working, studying for SAT’s and AP Biology. Johnny would not change schools, because the environment of FDR is different, most teachers are caring, nice, and there are almost no other schools in Brooklyn that have such a diverse community. So far, Johnny thinks FDR is a great place to learn, especially since teachers help students if they don’t understand a topic. He likes that there are a mix of cultures from all around the world that come together in this school to learn. His favorite class is AP Biology, because in that class students learn more in detail about the human body and other biological factors. Students get to understand about how just one small thing helps your body in its everyday activity. He thinks he’s doing very well in all of his classes. Johnny’s advice for incoming juniors is that this year you better not fool around with your grades. Students need to work very hard this year if they want a good future. So, get ready to do real work, because sophomore and freshman years are nothing compared to junior year! Johnny believes he was chosen, because he would help anybody that needs help. If you need help, you just ask him.  Congratulations Johnny!!