Junior of the Month – Veronika Solonynko


The New Dealer‘s new editor, Veronika Solonynko, is this issue’s Junior of the Month. She just transferred from a different school this year and loves FDR. She loves all of her teachers, and the peers are great too! She felt very welcomed since her first day, and Veronika knows she will miss this environment when she graduates next year. This year, Veronika has joined the Theater program, the Girls Track Team, and recently, The New Dealer. The Girls Track Team experiecne didn’t last long, but she still thought it was so much fun. The few months she spent preparing for the fall play, she felt were amazing and still misses doing it. Veronika feels she is trying her best to achieve the most in all her classes and is doing well thanks to her supportive teachers. Her favorite classes are AP U.S. History, with Mr. Sullivan, and AP English, with Ms. Gobin, because there’s never a dull moment and she feels like she learns so much. So far, Veronika is happy with her experience at FDR and thinks the school is progressing in the right direction. Veronika’s advice to upcoming juniors is to enjoy your summer if you plan on taking challenging classes and joining clubs. Also, don’t get discouraged, especially at the close of the year. Don’t be too absorbed in school and don’t stress too much, after all it’s just one grade, not the end of the world. The advice to the slackers, stop slacking! Junior year is really important. Veronika believes she was selected because she’s a good student and she’s gone through the year with gathered experiences, so she could give some helpful advice to new juniors. Keep up the good work. Welcome to the Cougar Publications Family! I’m looking forward to working with you in the upcoming year!