The Meaning of Music


Music is a way of expression, and it speaks what words cannot. It is an art form, and to many, it is salvation. We’ve talked about Old School Hip Hop, Rock and Roll, and even the terrible AMAs. But this month we’re going metal. The origination of metal dates back to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, and as the times changed, so has the music industry. Today’s metal bands are known as ‘Sleeping With Sirens,’ ‘Pierce the Veil,’ ‘Bring Me the Horizon,’ and many, many more. Metal music is often the most frowned upon music out of all genres, and it’s mainly because of the screeching guitar solos and the screaming of the singers.

What many don’t know is that the most meaningful music of all, happens to be what most call “emocore,” otherwise known as metal music. One of my favorite metal bands is ‘Pierce the Veil.’  They are currently touring the world and are set out to release a new album this year. The name of which has yet to be released.

Pierce the Veil begun in 2006 with two brothers, Vic and Mike Fuentes, along with two others. They released 3 albums throughout their career; their debut “A Flair for the Dramatic” in 2007, “Selfish Machines” in 2010 and their last album, “Collide With the Sky” was released in 2012.

Their songs are inspired by the many problems, and what’s wrong in the world; the love and pain that most endure and can’t deal with, often about suicide and self harm. During the making of their last album “Collide With the Sky,” the friends of a fan who had committed suicide reached out to the band, desperate to get attention for their lost friend. The band, touched and left speechless by the struggles of their fan, dedicated the album and wrote a song for the girl. It’s called “Bulls in Bronx.”

The story reached the media, and fans all over the world helped save the lives of those on the verge of suicide. What people don’t realize is that music isn’t made for the sound, it is made for the inspiration. Many people will hear music, but they won’t listen to the words. And for that very reason, metal is the most frowned upon genre.  But were it not for these bands, and band members, the lives of many would have been lost. So is this music really trash, or is it the way we live trash?