The Office


The Office is a comedy series adapted for the American audience by Greg Daniels. The Office first aired on March 24th 2005 and finalized on May 16 on NBC. It originally aired as a British comedy on the BBC, but did not last long. The Office depicts the lives of a paper company’s employees through a documentary format. The “office” is a branch of the paper company Dunder-Mifflin, in Scranton Pennsylvania. The boss, Steve Carell, is a crazy, racist, insensitive kind of person that makes his employees’ lives hell. Throughout the series, the employees at this branch face everyday problems and must deal with them- often in a crazy way. The show is filmed as if there is a group of people following around each employee with only one camera, asking them their two cents on what events have transpired. It’s a hilarious television series that provides the perfect balance of a fun and enjoyable comedy with the experiences of real life. Each character has their own run-in with love, be it strange or sweet. The Office had a wonderful run and is definitely worth the watch. The series is available on Netflix, and you could catch the occasional re-run on TV. I highly recommend everyone to give it a chance, it will not disappoint.