“This Spring” (Women’s Fashion)


Fashion this spring has simplistic ideas, different textures, and does not the use floral patterns as much as we are used to. Floral patterns just won’t do this year. This spring, palettes of pastels are being used by a wide selection of designers. From Valentino to Acne Studios and even Gucci, colors like lavender and mint are being used and the fashionistas worldwide loves it. This spring, give the black a rest and stick to lighter colors. One might think, how do you execute this look without looking like an Easter egg! Well, one can try using monochromic tones in your outfits. Where can someone buy clothes that use pastel palettes and won’t leave you broke?.. Rebecca Minkoff has some bags  that take these colors and puts them into bags, and though Valentino and Prada are doing the same thing, you can buy a bag from Rebecca Minkoff and still have money to buy boyfriend jeans, that are also big in the fashion world right now, sunglasses and maybe even a cute bikini for your spring trips.

There is suddenly this craze about New Zealand’s Karen Walker sunglasses, and the real question is.. Are they worth it? The answer is yes and no. Yes because Karen Walker sunnies look adorable and unique, and you can always tell where you used an extra dime. No because well, you don’t have to spend hundreds to look good. Many other stores are now carrying tortoise glasses (everyone’s favorite Karen walker design).

Now to the bathing suits that you may need if your leaving New York for this spring! Triangl is a Aussie brand that everyone is going to, the texture in the bathing suit is not to be missed! The super thick texture adds a very unique feel to simple bikini colors, so if standing out at the beach is something you want to go for, go to Triangl and get your textured bikini!