Stay Warm! Watch More T.V.


The mid winter showing!
If you have been following the best shows these past few months, then you are aware of the great shows that have been about this fall / early winter. With the mid winter finales of “How To Get Away With Murder” and “Scandal,” we have been left dehydrated and thirsty for the fake intensive drama we see on TV. But never fear, shows like the “The Flash,” “Marry Me,” and “The Mindy Project” can entertain us until their return.

The shows “How To Get Away With Murder” and “Scandal” both went out with a bang in their mid season finales. The show “How To Get Away With Murder” has had an amazing season. The shows twist and turns in the plot, and the conflict that the characters have to deal with, make for a complex and entertaining season. The characters have to deal with the major problem that reveals itself in the first few minuets of the series. We watch as we slowly get to know them each episode at a time and see how they deal with the crisis at the start of the series. In “Scandal” we see much of the same twisting and turning plot with even more intense and dangerous characters, each having their own agendas and plots that throw a wrench into any plan the main character, Olivia Pope, can create to save what’s left of her life. After valiantly following the show for the past 4 seasons, I have come to love many of the characters. I can honestly say I can’t wait for the return of both shows in the spring of next year.

The show the “The Flash” has blow me out of the water. The live action super hero show has easily become one of my favorites. The “The Flash” has an amazing cast and crew, which help make every episode better and better. Nothing but surprises have come with each passing episode. Twists in this plot are making me dizzy with excitement for the next episode. With the loss of one of the biggest draws of the week, Thursday night shows imagine that “The Flash” will have more viewers and notoriety. The tales of Barry Allen, the first Flash, have proved more exciting and entertaining with each episode.  I can not wait until the up coming cross over episode between the Green Arrow and the Flash which will span both of their series in a two part special. So tune in Tuesday and Wednesday night for the special!


For those among us with the taste for comedy and some deep inner thought and life lessons mixed in then you can watch “Marry Me” and “The Mindy Project”. The show “Marry Me” has a different focus not on just a singular character but the events and people that effect a couple who are engaged to be married. The show doesn’t have any twist and turns but instead is straight forward and super funny displaying important life lesson and making us laugh at the same time. The show “The Mindy Project” does much of the same but focuses on instead of a group of friends but on the hilarious antics of a female Indian OBGYN and the occasional side stories of those that work in her practice. Its an interesting look at how some people view the world and creates situations that would most likely never happen in the real world.