A Bite in Brooklyn


After a long day of classes, it is always a good idea to head out for a bite with your friends. However, finding a spot that not only gives you great tasting food, but also has amazing prices, is pretty difficult. Popular restaurants like Chipotle, Panera Bread, DQ’S, and many more, are easy to find. However, it would be amazing if there were restaurants that are not posted at every corner, yet have amazing food and prices.

Downtown Brooklyn is a very popular area to travel to for a quick bite. There are so many restaurants to eat at. A specific joint called Montague located in Brooklyn Heights, Borough Hall, is known for its amazing pastas and salads. Not only is your choice of pasta or salad made right in front of you, with fresh ingredients as you wait, you’re also served a large amount for only ten dollars! This is one restaurant that leaves you stuffed with food and does not break down your wallet.

There are so many more restaurants to check out and seek for good food for good prices; finding them is the only challenge. From Downtown Brooklyn, to Park Slope, to Flatbush, you can find many restaurants that serve different foods, from different cultures, at great prices!