Eat Right This Spring!


Spring is here, and everyone is anticipating the upcoming break. Many times, we want it to come sooner, however, when it’s here, we find ourselves binge watching Netflix. Make this Spring Break count by checking out these amazing restaurants whether it’s with your family, friends, or by yourself.

Mark’s Burgers

Mark’s Burger’s was rated having the #1 sliders in NYC. They are located in St. Marks; a close walk to Soho/Union Square. Upon entering, you will be asked if you would like to be seated outside or inside, at a bar or a cozy table. They have few choices on their menu, but it’s all you need. From veggie sliders, to sliced pork, turkey, cheese, and more, what else could a person ask for? To top it off, there serve fries with or without it being submerged in cheese, and potato fries. The best part is, each slider ranges from only $2.50-$3.25.

Bread Nolita

What day of the week should I brunch? The answer should be everyday. This brunch place, like many is near Soho. It serves Italian salads, pastas, pancakes, steak and eggs, and of course, avocado toast. Many customers can’t get enough of their tomato soup, so be sure to try that out as well. Although this may be a bit pricier than most brunch places, it is inarguable that each dish is made with love and only the best ingredients.

Soft Swerve

Spring is not complete until there is ice cream involved. Soft Swerve serves unique flavors such as Ube, macapuno coconut, and black sesame. You can mix and match any two of these flavors, and swirl the two together into a cone or cup. Not only are the ice cream flavors unique, but also the cones. They come in flavors like black chocolate and red cinnamon. Just when it couldn’t get any better, there are endless toppings that include oreos (original, golden, and strawberry!), cereal marshmallows, freeze dried strawberries, mochi you get the idea. So, be sure to check out at least one of the many locations of Soft Swerve in NYC sometime soon.