TV Time!


With Spring Break upon us, the typical student wraps up in bed and prepares to either sleep or to binge watch the shows they have been avoiding since the end of the last marking period. Shows such as the Flash, Arrow, The Walking Dead, and Scandal have kept many a procrastinator glued to their screens this spring.

This spring has brought with it, new twists and turns in these series as they try to hold the attention of their many fans. The season finale of the Walking Dead left many with questions that they desperately wanted answers to as the season came to a close. It also made others excited about the launch of a spin off series about the fall of civilization, as the out break comes to pass, devastating L.A. But fret not! To help distract you from the Walking Dead withdrawal, and your unanswered questions, you can tune into the CW and enjoy their super hero tales the Flash and Arrow.  Both continue their seasons with new revelations and the uncovering of dark secrets that put the heroes to the test. The Flash is met with new villains and is plagued by his own demons, as the first season continues. The two shows are also expected to do another cross over before they both come to a close before the start of this summer. But if super heroes aren’t your fix, then get all the drama you can handle by catching up with How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal.  Both shows will have you pointing a finger at every character, as well as taking sides as lines are drawn and enemies made.

If your real goal is to hold out till summer, you can expect a full set of summer shows to keep you from doing what you need to do. The summer is looking hot with the much anticipated return of Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, and Orange is the New Black. These shows have held the attention of many fans and have strong”fandoms” waiting to see the new seasons. Game of Thrones heads into one of its most eventful seasons, as story lines converge, and we say goodbye to more of our favorite characters- as they’re killed off (so don’t get too attached). If your not looking to get depressed by the loss of your favorite characters, but are looking for some supernatural summer fun, look no further than Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf will have you sufficiently entertained as you try to follow the clues, and wonder who is going after our very attractive, and occasionally shirt less hero next. If your looking to laugh this summer, then your best option is Orange is the New Black.  Its wacky characters will keep you laughing and thinking about bigger issues at the same time. The turmoil’s of the characters, and the hilarity that occurs in between, will have you procrastinating like never before as you laugh and cry along with the characters themselves.