Brazil And The Olympics


The Olympic Games are considered to be the world’s supreme sports competition with over 200 nations participating. This year starting from August 5 through August 21 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will host the 2016 Olympics.  It is the first South American city to host an Olympics. Rio de Janeiro has continuously been a prominent destination among tourists in South America, with its attractive landscape, rich historical monuments, and popular carnival events.

Plays, concerts, ballets and exhibitions will be held in the city region and throughout Brazil. Many artists, designers, architects, choreographers and musicians will play an active part in the triumph of the Olympic Games. Tourists aren’t just visiting for the world-class sports on show, but also, these visitors will be drawn to the famous monuments, carnivals, and landscapes of Rio. Of course the commitment to this mega-event means that both Brazil, and the city of Rio de Janeiro, have been working a lot and preparing in order to attract tourists around the world with their cultural events.  There are under two months left until the Opening Ceremony of Rio 2016. Aren’t you excited?

While the citizens are excited about the Olympics,  at the same time the spread of the Zika virus is raising concerns about the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, The IOC says “it will send advice on how to deal with the Zika virus to all the national committees…. There is concern that the virus — which is spreading rapidly in the region and is linked to brain damage in infants — could affect both athletes and visitors.” The other concern is that the Olympics could contribute to the spread of the virus. and the virus can be carried in a person’s blood to a new country, then passed along to others by mosquito bites. Due to this occurrence, ticket sales have been slow so far. Recently, The World Health Organization has rejected calls to cancel or postpone the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro over the Zika virus. Hopefully, the Zika virus will be controlled before it breaks the dreams of all the athletes that have been training hard for years.