Run the Jewels 3: A Christmas Miracle

David Mardakhayev, Writer

Christmas miracles are amazing and 2016 had a great one. Hip Hop super duo “Run the Jewels,” composed of Brooklyn producer/rapper El P and Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, released the long anticipated “Run the Jewels 3” on Christmas Eve, and it does not disappoint.

The album mixes the trademark RTJ style (throwing hilarious and aggressive insults at other rappers) with a strong political message. The first half of the album consists of all out bangers. These songs are pure fun with subtle messages. Lines such as “Me and Mike skip away whistlin’ and grin. Every day’s golden when you only win” are combined with hard hitting/melodic beats making for energetic songs. The latter half of the album is centered on the government as the duo has very strong beliefs about police brutality and the future.

“Dont Get Captured” is a pulsing track that tells of a black civilian’s and police officers views on the world. Killer Mike speaks from the perspective of the civilians who is just trying to live without being persecuted. El P raps as the officer knows he can get away with anything. The highlight of the song comes from El P in the line “when I file reports, what’s right’s what I write.” “Thieves! (Screamed the Ghost)” is about how the media portrays rioters. Rather than taking their lives into perspective, they are immediately categorized as animals.

The album closes with the songs “Thursday in the Danger Room” which is about losing a close friend and “A Report to the Share Holders/Kill Your Masters.” These songs are excellent closers. They flow seamlessly into each other and take the listener on a wild roller coaster of emotions. The somber stories of death lead into the story of how each rapper feels about their lives and closes with a musical representation of anarchy. “Kill Your Masters” is particularly interesting as it features none other than Zach de la Rocha, the former singer of Rage Against the Machine, on a verse resulting in a real desire to take over the government.

All in all, “Run the Jewels 3” is easily my album of the year. From the subject matters to the experimental production, every song is absolute gold. It is the album that ruined everyone’s top ten albums of 2016 list and hopefully, Run the Jewels 4 will be an even bigger, more hard hitting, more aggressive album. My review for this album: 10/10

Disclaimer: The album does have vulgar language/imagery, parental discretion is advised.