Senior Cougars and Their Music Taste!


Seniors! Have you ever thought, “hm… I wonder what kind of music my classmates like?” Whether you did or didn’t, this article is all about YOU. After a long month of getting forms filled out by some of our seniors, I have gathered my data and the results will be discussed now. It is important for me to note that our senior class has over 500 students, so I didn’t get everyone. This article is about the students who participated.

To start off, surprisingly, almost 33% of the students in my samples did not have a favorite band. We are in a dominant era of individual artists and so it can be hard to find “band” fans now a days. For those who did pick a band, BTS, a K-Pop band formed in South Korea, dominated with nearly 8%. In second place came Maroon 5, The Chainsmokers, and One Direction. Even with One Directions breakup in 2016, they still came close with current bands, Maroon 5 and The Chainsmokers. Lastly, our very own cougar pride band, FDR’S band, came in tied with Queen and Imagine Dragons with 3.8% of the votes for each. Other bands were also mentioned, but they only received one vote. Some of them included Destiney’s Child, Journey, Beatles, and etc.

Next, we’ve got the favorite artist category. In first place, came J.Cole with nearly 8% of the votes. J. Cole is a hip hop recording artist and record producer. Battling for second place, both Eminem and Drake received each 6% of the votes. Both come from the rap industry. In third place same Sia, Lana Del Rey, and The Weeknd with 4% each. Other artists were listed as well, but each received only one vote. Some included Demi Lovato, Travis Scott, and Logic. When it came to naming a favorite artist, my data was dominated with hip hop and rap selections, while when it came to a favorite band it was dominated with pop selections.

Then, students were asked to name one band or artist that they believe will carry on their name for years on. They had to choose a CURRENT one with an example of Queen standing the test of time. With 10% of the votes each, both BTS and Beyonce came in first place. In second place came Drake with 8%, in third place came One Direction, and in fourth place came Christina Aguilera, Bruno Mars, and The Chainsmokers. All of the names here, except Bruno Mars and Christina Aguilera, seemed to appear in almost every category given. Surprisingly, J.Cole who was chosen as a favorite by many, received only one vote for this category. Part of being remembered for years on is to have an outstanding and unique voice. Our cougars believed that the people above meet this requirement.

Lastly, students were asked to name their favorite genre. Very domanintly with nearly 31% pop took swiftly on to all genres. It was kind of surprising since the majority of the names that appeared in the data were hip hop artists. (There were other questions which students had to answer, but weren’t included in this article such as “favorite song”). Hip Hop did come in second place though with 19% of the votes. In third place R & B came with 7.5% of the votes, while in fourth place came Rap and Alternative with 6% of the votes. In fifth place, came rock and Indie with 4% of the votes each. Finally, with only one vote to each genre, came Classical and Country.

The music we listen to can say a lot about us. When we meet someone, new music can be a way to start a conversation. Music can both bring and drag apart society. To one person a certain genre or artist can sound awful to their ears, while to others it can sound beautiful. The music which we have today has drastically changed from the music in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. (which you can check out in the other New Dealer articles for more information). At the end of this “test/survey,” FDR’S seniors had a diverse set of music in some categories, and in others, it was dominated by repeated artists. Thank you to our wonderful graduating class of 2018 for participating!