What to expect in 2017?

What to expect in 2017?

Samia Tariq, Reporter

It may have been only one month since the new year started, but we have already figured out trends which are going to be at the top this year. With fashion weeks coming up, rest assured that you will spot many of the street style stars rocking these trends. Last year pink was the “it” color, and this year alongside pink, there will be yellow, from brights to pale yellows. Adding a spritz of yellow in your wardrobe this year will be a good idea!

Another trend which will be spotted on many, is “Logo tees,” which can be styled in many ways, keeping it simple with a pair of jeans or wearing wearing them with your favorite pantsuits ought to make one killer outfit. 2016 may have been the year in which 90’s style was revived, but in 2017 we are going back a decade, yes the 80s. This year opt for the 80’s glam rather than the 90’s. Over the past year women have went from wearing high heels to wearing sneakers, being comfortable is actually chic. The shoes which will be seen this year may actually benefit us girls, mules. These are comfortable, chic, and fast fashion retailer haves them for the best prices, which just makes them better. Style them with a pair of fishnet socks, and towards the summer just wear them with any of your outfits. They add such a cool and effortless vibe to your look.

If you don’t think that mules are for you, opt them out for a pair of embroidered slippers, which are just as comfortable and chic. Pull your look together with a pair of earrings, not just any earrings, but make them the star of your outfit. Wearing a shirt and jeans gets boring, but adding a pair of earrings can easily transform your look within seconds. Exaggerated sleeves may not be for everyday, but this trend for surely is going to get some attention. Whether the are bell sleeves or frills on, your sleeves can just elevate the look of a plain top. 2017 will also be brighter and more colorful than 2016. Many of the grungy and minimalist trends are declining. Brighter colors that make a statement, such as neon and daring prints are on the rise.

2017 is taking much more of a “maximalist” ideology in the fashion department. Khakis will also have a moment this year, although denim will still be much more of a vintage approach rather then the  “classic skinny jeans.” This year, we will see many trading their handbags for phone cases. Technology in this era has become super important, and it is influencing fashion as well. Rather than carrying around handbags girls will just carry chic phone cases which make a statement, in exchange for the purses. The year has just started, so do not be afraid to try out any of  these trends, and even if you do not follow these trends, that does not mean that you cannot be just as stylish.