Shoe Love, Is True Love


Marilyn Monroe was right when she said that give women the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. What you put on your feet is a crucial for your ensemble and can change the whole game. Everyday teachers are running to get to classes, moving around in the classroom, but have you ever noticed the shoes they are wearing? Yes, I’m asking you if you ever looked at your teachers shoes, and were like those are amazing, or cringed, while looking at them. Well there are certain teachers at FDR who are obsessed with shoes and show up everyday rocking a pair of killer heels. Although the shoes look amazing, but lets be honest, heels are not exactly the most comfortable shoes. The real question is if the shoe is worth the discomfort? For many it may not be, but it also depends on how much you love shoes.

I always look at shoes, yes I am guilty of a shoe obsession, but it helps to know I am not the only one. Teachers are guilty of this too, Ms.Perez, Ms.Piptone and Ms.Galante are part of the ladies who just cannot stop wearing amazing pairs of shoes. Working in a school and walking around for the whole day does not stop them from coming in with a pair of impressive shoes. The shoes, which they wear work perfectly with their outfits and just adds to their impeccable style. Another similarity between these women is that they love to wear heels, the best type of shoe. Shoes are instant glamour and you never know what will come your way, so it best to be prepared in a pair of heels.

Ms.Perez is very much in love with her shoes. Whether you walk into her office, which is decorated with shoe posters, a stiletto tape dispenser, or the collection of shoes she has behind her desk for impromptu occasions, you can understand her love for shoes. High heels are her favorite. Coming back to the issue of discomfort, her answer is yes, yes, and yes! She has said on multiple occasions, “ I don’t just like shoes, I love them. Shoes are my passion.” Those words may be enough to convince you that she really does love her shoes. I mean we don’t have a problem with her coming to school with new shoes, who doesn’t love a pair of shoes? Especially the type that make you want to add more to your own collection. She knows how to work her shoes with her attire whether they are ankle boots, stilettos, mules, clogs, loafers, sandals, or knee high boots- you name it. You should keep an eye on her for shoe inspirations.

You can also spot Ms. Galante strutting around in heels, and she has no discomfort while doing so. She has always loved sports but that does not stop her from wearing heels, in fact she has admitted to wearing her mother’s heels when she was just a child. She has been wearing heels for such a long time, that she claims she no longer feels uncomfortable wearing high heels. Recently she had knee surgery and one of the things constantly on her mind was that she would not be able to wear her heels. Despite her doctor advising against wearing such high heels, she is guilty of not listening. Her, being such a busy women and walking around all day, does not change the fact that she loves to wear heels. She is comfortable in wearing a pair of heels, just as much as wearing sneakers. She loves to shop for shoes, and she claims that she does not own enough shoes. Her outfits are to be appreciated as well as her stamina for walking around in heels all day.

Ms.Piptone refuses to wear uncomfortable shoes, but yet she still wears heels. She believes there is a misconception that women who wear heels are uncomfortable. All the heels she owns are comfortable, sometimes it can be very hard to find a pair of heels, which are stylish, as well as equally comfortable. However, she does not fail. Her favorite type of heels are a pair booties, because they are so versatile and can go along with any look. Heels are a boost of confidence for her, and she has always loved wearing them. Her secret for a comfortable heel is for it to be cushioned, this makes sure your feet are comfortable throughout the day. Ms. Piptone has the ability of looking highly polished, but at the same time, she is very comfortable, which may be a bit shocking for some people. She has said that you can never have enough shoes.

I had a wonderful time talking to these ladies. I also learned tips for buying shoes, like buying a heel with a platform will be comfortable. All of them have amazing personal style and awesome shoe selections. Their love for shoes is something that most of us can relate to. They all are amazing women with amazing shoes. Next time notice teachers shoes, maybe you will be shocked to find out the stunning shoes that they wear.