FDR Fashion Show

FDR Fashion Show

At the end of April as usual FDR held the annual Fashion Show full of exciting and colorful trends. Students, as well as staff, walked on this year’s runway to show off their personal style. After weeks and weeks of prepping, on the 27th of April, it was finally the day of the show, the runway lit up in the gym and completely transformed it from what we usually see.

Working backstage for the first time was certainly a different experience and certainly more hectic than I had expected. Working hard for several weeks, and going through several rehearsals to make sure the show would go by smoothly. The show started off with a casual segment in which students modeled casual outfits for the spring season. Everyone showed off their very stylish outfits that all of us appreciated greatly, and the next section was something FDR had not done before, a cultural segment. FDR is a very diverse family full of people from different backgrounds, and we celebrate these different cultures. Students from different countries were able to show off the clothes they wear culturally. It was very nice to see all these students being able to rock their cultural outfits.

This year the Social Studies Department of FDR modeled beachwear, throwing beach balls in the crowd. The teachers looked very different from the usual teachers we see in our classrooms. FDR has a very strong sports department, and the track team walked the runway to show off their FDR gear. The coach and students from the track team showed of the much more stylish side of athletics, and got to walk down the ramp just like other models.

The final segment in which the students walked was the prom segment. Prom season is right around the corner and everyone is on the look out for the perfect dress or tuxedo. To show some possible options, students modeled prom dresses and tuxedos from David’s Bridal. David’s Bridal’s dresses and tuxedos were handpicked by students to wear this year. At the end of the show, girls from Fontbonne Hall Academy modeled dresses that they generously donated to our school. They donated over fifty dresses of different styles and sizes, which for surely can be found to anyone’s liking. These dresses will be available in the boutique, which will be set up in the S.O store. It was very generous of the girls, and others, who have been donating dresses as well as accessories to rock the night of the prom. The dresses are absolutely free and anyone can choose the dress or tuxedo they please.

The fashion show was an amazing experience for everyone, and the evening ended filled with laughter and music. It was surely a night not to miss at FDR. If you missed it this year, remember to buy a ticket next year!