October Book Recommendation

October Book Recommendation

Ambreen Kashif , Reporter

If I Fix You is the debut novel by Abigail Johnson. The book was intended for the young adult genre and follows the difficult time of a sixteen-year-old girl named Jill. Jill has been well acquainted with the constant fighting of her parents, which turns into screaming matches. Jill was caught in the middle of her parents, and she frequently felt suffocated in her own home. One day Jill comes home to find her mother left, with a Post-it note as her farewell.

I chose to read this book on a whim. I expected the book to lack originality, nor did I expect a well-developed plot. The cover isn’t remarkable, and neither is the blur. However, as I began reading the tone of the protagonist was surprisingly strong and honest. Jill was such a likable character to listen to. She loves working in her father’s mechanic shop. After her mother’s absence, she kept a tight bond with her father. Jill was a bit of a tomboy, she had grease under her nails. She ran with her friend, even though she hated every second of it. Overall Jill was very caring towards her close friends. I felt so connected to Jill, as she struggled to find someone to talk to about her problems, and yet she didn’t want to burden anyone either. I continued to read with genuine interest.

A boy named Daniel is introduced to Jill as her new neighbor. Daniel and Jill both develop a connection that is not completely appropriate. Daniel is 21 and Jill is 16. The story follows these two characters, and how they bring solace to each other. Jill was not naive, as Jill continued to understand Daniel and through Daniel, she realizes her mother was not a monster.

This book was not cliche at all, and what it lacked in interest was redeemed by how empathic Jill’s character was. There were intense feelings, and complex issues being addressed. Jill finds happiness as she finds there is beauty in not fixing everything. Sometimes it’s better to just keep a screw loose.