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I know I promised to give the latest scoop on your favorite celebs, but let’s kick this month’s article off by giving credit where its due. Philadelphia barber Brennon Jones started off giving free haircuts, food, and other necessities to homeless people in need. With the winter season falling right upon us, carrying out this honorable deed will become quite difficult. Jones did not have many options when trying to solve his dilemma, but his actions had not gone unnoticed. A man named Sean Johnson, who owns a successful business known as, Tapers Barbershop, had recently bought and completely renovated a second location. What he decided to do with it instead of using it for his own success was unexpected. Johnson gave the location to Jones for free ! Now that’s what I call tremendously generous.

The name Colin Kaepernick should ring a bell. He started making headlines after taking a knee during the national anthem at one of his games for the 49ers, to protest police brutality and racial inequality. Like the domino effect, many other athletes and celebrities followed his actions. Due to his activism, Kaepernick unfortunately had to separate himself from his former team the 49ers and has not been signed to any other team since. Recently Kaepernick was named Citizen of the Year by GQ magazine. He is not alone in this fight against injustices in the system, with supporters such as rapper J.Cole stating he, “sacrificed his dream to stand for something.”

With many speaking on the latest buzz surrounding Meek Mill, and his 4 year sentence for parole violation, Kaepernick decided to share thoughts of his own. He posted a picture of the Philadelphia rapper and called him a, “victim of systemic oppression,” and included a caption saying, “This criminal (in)justice system, ripe with racial discrimination, stigmatizes, profiles, and targets young Black men for arrest at a young age, having its roots in their hyper-policed neighborhoods that they are raised in, and sadly extending into what should be a safe space—the classroom, via the school to prison pipeline. Meek Mill is a victim of this systemic oppression.” Whether you agree with Kaepernick or not, he is creating a national debate we need to be having.

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