Pharrell Williams & Adidas – Holi Festival


Isn’t it amazing when sneaker brands allow famous figures to create their own clothes and shoes?

One of the collaborations I am looking forward to the most this year is the Pharrell Williams and the Adidas Holi Collection. Pharrell Williams has been partnered with Adidas in the past, in which special garment and footwear were crafted.

Holi is a Hindu spring festival, also known as the festival of colors. It is celebrated in the vicinity of India. The festival represents many ideas, such as the arrival of spring, end of winter, playing, laughing, repairing impaired relationships, and more. We’re in the year of 2018 which means the event will begin on March 2nd. The main attraction of this festival are the colors that are incorporated into the clothes and shoes of the collection.

Holi is celebrated in a unique way, that it is likely to draw anyone’s attention. People spend the day in smudge colored powder all over their faces. In addition, they throw colored water at each other, host parties, and dance under water sprinklers.

The celebrations of Holi is birthed from various Hindu legends; Holi refers to Holika, the sister of the Hindu Demon King Hiranyakashipu. The other origin of the festival is the legend of Krishna.

The colored powder, gulal, is thrown on the second day of the event which comes from the legend of Krishna. There are four key colors of the powder which are red, blue, yellow, and green. Each respective color represents something special and significant; red is an emblem of love and fertility, blue is the color of Krishna, yellow is the color of turmeric, and green represents the season spring and new beginnings.

The collection that will release is in high demanded, and most of the items are produced in limited quantities.

Part 1 (Blank Canvas)

The first part of this collection was already been released back in February and most of the items are gone. The inspiration behind this portion of the pack is that all of the pieces are intended to be worn as a plain uniform, which acts as a base for the Holi celebration before colors are splattered.


Adidas Stan Smith 

Adidas Tennis Hu 

Adidas Track Jacket

Adidas Hu NMD

Part 2 (Adi-Color)

The second part of the collection is slated to release sometime in March. The creativity behind this portion of the pack is inspired by the magic and beauty of expression. Part two is comprised of various vibrant garments which embodies the the festival colors and tradition.


Adidas Hu Tee – Blue, Red, Yellow, Green 

Adidas Hu SST Track Suit – Blue, Red, Yellow, Green 

Adidas Hu SST Track Jacket – Blue, Red, Yellow, Green 

Adidas Stan Smith – Blue, Red, Yellow, Green 

Adidas Tennis Hu Shoes – Blue, Red, Yellow, Green

Adidas Tennis Hu Primeknit Shoes – Multicolor

Adidas Tennis Hu Primeknit Shoes – Oreo 

Part 3 (Tie-Dye)

The finale of the collection is also set to release sometime in March. The inspiration behind the final portion of the pack is influenced by the colors that are splattered during the Holi festival. The colors utilized here can be ostentatious and flashy, due to the mixture of colors and designs.


Adidas Hu Holi T-Shirt 

Adidas Hu Holi Crew 

Adidas Hu Holi FZ Hood 

Adidas Hu Holi Short

Adidas Hu Holi Tennis Hu Shoes 

Adidas Hu Holi Stan Smith

Adidas Hu Holi NMD – (three colors)