Shadow of the Conqueror by Shad M. Brooks


We normally need something to stimulate our imaginations, and that is what genres like fantasy are for. However, many fantasy books have many unexplained mechanics or certain contradictions on how something like magic works. This is not the case in the book, Shadow of the Conqueror. It has lots of logical elements, blended into the fantasy genre, to make a very interesting reading experience. The author of Shadow of the Conqueror, Shad M. Brooks, has gained popularity over the years and only gained more when he released this book.

Brief Overview

The man character, Daylen, went by many names including the Great Bastard, The Scourge of Nations, and Dayless the Conqueror. He once owned a great empire and ruled through oppression. Although society advanced under him, it had cost millions of lives. He was eventually overthrown and many thought him dead. In contrast, he actually fled and lived in exile for many years. He is burdened by intense guilt and regret for all the people he has massacred. Unbeknownst to him he is about to go on a great adventure of redemption. On the way he will meet friends, old enemies, and many more.


When I was reading the book, it was very immersive and everything makes sense. The author uses lots of imagery and descriptive details to immerse the reader in detailed thoughts and brings you into the story, as if you were actually there. It stimulates people’s desires for fantasy, while adding elements of realism that make the worlds he creates more believable. The book was serious overall, with comedy sprinkled in.

What I liked about this book

What I liked about this book is that the author incorporates details to enlighten the reader, while not being boring or monotonous. It has a great deal of complexity. He also incorporated fresh new ideas and mechanics like sunforging, dark stone, sun stone and The Light. All of which are explained by the book and with their own complexities. We will not be going into them to prevent spoilers.

Overall Rating

I would highly recommend this book to all that are mature enough to read it. Although it is not for everybody, you will have a blast when reading it. Morally, it is about redemption. Daylen, after all he has done, must redeem himself and do some good in what has been an evil life


This book is for more mature audiences and is not to be read to children.  The main target audience is mature teens and adults.