The Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda triangle is also known as the, ” Devil’s Triangle,” which is a geographic area in the form of an equilateral triangle (about 1500 km) on each side and an area of about one million kilometers squared, located in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. This area of the world has frightened many people because of the many ships sailing through it, or planes flying over it, that have apparently disappeared without a trace. More than 1,000 ships and planes have disappeared in the triangle area over the past five centuries, and such mysterious incidents continue to take place even in the present days. However, the facts are quite far from what is generally known or believed to be true.

Many stories and myths have been created by writers through sheer imagination, which they used rampantly to draw publicity to their books. In many cases, the facts got blurred. Many theories, controversies, and counter-arguments have come up over the years challenging the mysteries that created fear psychosis among people for ages.

The theory of the Bermuda triangle all started with writers back in the 1950’s and the mystery was initially perpetrated by them. When it was believed that there are similarities between these novels, and the real-life cases that started showing up, the Bermuda triangle became known as the triangle of death or the lost city of the Atlantic. The abnormalities on the sea were first noted in 1950, by Edward Jones in the daily newspaper Miami Herald published in Florida. However, the mystery became well known and brought wide-scale attention in 1952, when George Sand wrote in Fate magazine about incidents like Flight-19, a training flight of five torpedo bomber planes, all of which went missing during a routine training session in 1945, and never returned. Later on, many authors started writing about various other mysterious incidents in the triangle area, where none of them were explained and no one would know how people would disappear without even a sign. Since many books and reports were done on the Bermuda theory, and none of them found an accurate explanation of how ships and planes are disappearing where several incidents had actually occurred, the words around the mystery started spreading fast, and soon Bermuda Triangle was a reality. At least in the minds of millions all over the world.