Game Review-Kingdom Come Deliverance

Game Review-Kingdom Come Deliverance

There are many RPGs that do a wonderful job with immersion and making the player feel like they are there. KCD is one of them. This RPG is very realistic in terms of game play. The degree of realism in this game is not for everybody and many find it to be mundane at times. However, to people who can appreciate medieval realism than the game, Kingdom Come Deliverance, is for you.


The game takes place in medieval Bohemia 1409 (modern day Czech Republic). The game makes you traverse a landscape of hills, farmland, cites, towns, and more. Since deforestation was not really a thing back in 1409, the land would be covered in forests. The main city is named Rattay ( A real historical place some parts still standing today) and the lesser castles like Skalitz and Talmberg.


You are son of a blacksmith and are currently making a sword for the lord of the castle Sir Radzig. All is going smoothly until Sigismund King of Hungary attacks the town. Many die but some live. Many make it to the castle, but you did not. You are forced to flee from horseback to another castle named Talmburg where you are welcomed. You leave talberg to go back to Skalitz. Bandits beat you and you get sent to Rattay, where you meet the lords and become good friends with them.

Game play

KCD simulates more realistic game play and design. It makes the player think strategically rather than running in. You are not a god but a man. even with the max stats and best equipment you can still die if you are ambushed by 5 or more people. The combat is unique because unlike most games out there, this game has historical elements. There is a hunger and sleep bar that goes down. In this game you can’t pick up a sword and bash people with it . You need technique in order to win. The combat in this game is based off of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). Armor in this game is crucial. Unlike in other games where it serves as percent damage reduction as even the weakest attack would do some damage, this game it has a flat damage reduction. In real life you would not even take damage from a weak weapon. It also clears up some misconceptions about medieval combat. Here is some combat footage. (Warning Harsh language)

What I like and why I recommend it

I like this game because of its historical accuracy and realistic design. I would recommend the game to people who have a taste in history and wish to experience it. It brings fresh new challenges in a game that many enjoy. Combat does not get too boring as you are a human and can still die. Players can never achieve the status “unkillable.” Combat can get long and drawn out, because every person you fight is going to be capable and can’t just stomp over them. As said earlier, you need strategy timing and technique even to win the most simplest of combat against an inexperienced person. However, if you like to be the person in RPGs that is extremely overpowered and a god among men, then the squishy human constraints will leave you disappointed.


This game is for more mature audiences and is not to be played by children.  The main target audience are mature teens and adults.