Game Review- Doom 2016


This video game franchise has been a well known and respected series being the first FPS. With the upcoming release of their new game DOOM ETERNAL, it would be fitting to review the previous game the released in 2016. This game was made for action and is very good at making your adrenaline and blood pressure very high, to say the least. It is a high intensity Fps. This game includes some aspects of horror too (The player is the horror and the demons are scared). Unlike other games which strip players of their power to make the player scared, this game empowers the player and makes you feel like a total BEAST.


The story takes place on the planet Mars, where you are in a facility while the demons from hell invade. It is complimented with desolate desert wastes cliffs and lots of sand. When you are inside the buildings and facility killing demons, it takes on a more sci-fi approach. To address the elephant in the room there is BLOOD and GORE everywhere and since demons are invading you tend to see a lot of pentagrams and demonic symbolism in which the player is trying to get rid of the demons.


There is not a whole lot of  plot, so here is what’s there. The DOOM SLAYER(main protagonist) were freed from the demon’s sarcophagus (the demons put him in there because the DOOM SLAYER was killing too many demons in hell and were scared of him)  and wake up killing more demons and trying to stop a demonic invasion of Mars perpetrated by Olivia Pierce (rouge, evil, insane scientist). A simple way of putting it.

Game play

This is where it gets fun. As the DOOM SLAYER, you have  multitude of different guns including, but not limited to chainsaw, super shotgun, heavy assault rifle, plasma rifle, and the BFG 9000. A massive mechanic in this game is the glory kills. If you do enough damage to an enemy you will be able to stagger them and they will glow blue. The player can use the action key to preform a gruesome glory kill in which afterward glory killed enemies drop health. You guessed it that is you primary source of healing. Health-packs and health stations are around a few times, but they are usually placed in places out of combat zones, so you are forced to use the glory kill mechanic to heal. If you kill an enemy with the chainsaw, they will drop ammo making it one of the funnest ways to get ammo in a video game. While we are on the topic of ammo, in this game you do not need to reload like in the old 1993 DOOM game. This makes the action a lot more fast paced. Another factor that makes the game more fast paced is the moment mechanics. Your movement is your greatest defense. You are very fast and able to dodge life threatening projectiles last second REALLY gets your adrenaline going. Not to forget there is heavy metal rock music playing in the background, as you rip and tear demons apart. It suits the game play very well. Here is some game play.


Why I Recommend It

It is a high pace Fps with a main focus on violence. It is very fun to play (assuming your heart can handle it) and that rush and adrenaline you feel when playing it is like no other. It gets the dormant inner blood lust pumping and get entranced in its game play. However, if you are sensitive to violence and all the other things in DOOM, I do not recommend it.


Made for adults and older teens, as it contains lots of killing, gore, and blood.