Psychology of Music


Have you ever given a thought to why a song has been written, or what’s the story behind the song? In the modern world, when you go out, you see the majority of teens with headphones, airpods, e.t.c- and why is that? The answers to these questions can be given very simply or very complexly. This takes us to the main topic of  the article, the Psychology of Music. So, let’s dig deep into music and highlight the two main types of singers who produce music and why teens in this modern world feel connected to it. 

Drake is one of the few artists, in the modern generation, who has been a consistent rapper for a decade or more, and he has shown up in the top 10 artists of Billboard almost every year since 2003. His popularity is due to the fact that he puts his real life perspective into songs. His personal connections have given him a huge audience. The audience is drawn to his work, as they feel a connection to his relatable lyrics. This is the value that lyrics hold. If it gets sung and written by an artist, the song goes from a 5 out of 10 to a 10/10 song. We see when Drake sings his songs, he’s most likely will get a hit, and we saw that in 2020. His song Toosie Slide, written and sung by him, was a complete hit, as the song reached a million streams on Spotify within a few months. However, many of his written songs, sung by Kanye, didn’t go as big as they were expected. It is evidence that songs sung by the writing artist, hold more value and provide more significance for the audience.

Artists who sing and write their own lyrics have always fascinated me. I have seen these types of artists working harder in prioritizing their work. From my childhood, music has always been something I have felt attached to. Music is the best way to express emotion if you are an introvert person. I was like this from a young age. I adopted the hobby of going to the studio with my family and relatives. I noticed the artists who write their own lyrics are calm and more focused on their work, rather than joking around. I also observed artists who don’t write their own music were more immature and disturb other artists in the studio. That’s why I feel more connected while listening to the singers who write their own lyrics.

In conclusion, we can’t come to a conclusion whether a singer who doesn’t write their own songs isn’t a good artist, because as each individual is different from one another. However, putting my perspective based on my experience,  I have seen that singers who write their own songs connect more to their followers.