The Use Of VR Headsets In Art.


What is VR?

VR is a wearable technology that has become very affordable and has been adopted in many parts of our lives. But, what really is VR? Virtual Reality is a simulation of experience that transports you to a world that you may have only dreamt of. VR currently has many wearable hardware that allow you to be fully immersed. For example, the most well known is the VR headset that inserts visual signals onto your eyes. There are also a lot more less known ways to enjoy VR like haptic suits, gloves, and a lot more hobbyist items. The experience is unlike any other that you would have felt before. It actually does transport you to another world. After a few hours, when you take off your headset for the first time, it will be a jarring feeling. So, why use VR in the creative industry?

Why use VR in art?

VR’s many advancements now allow for precise control of your utilities while using the controller. The software space also has a lot more tools to make your workflow more solid. Programs like Google’s tilt brush are changing how you sculpt in the virtual world.

There are a lot of hardwares coming out just for the creative aspect of VR. Wacom, one of the world’s leading suppliers of art hardware like drawing tablets, pens, and much more. They will be releasing the VR Pen. Built for the next generation of artists in VR. Undoubtedly, this will lead to more attention and more VR art being the focus of artists. This will in turn lead to more technological improvement like better tracking, etc.

Why should VR be chosen over other forms of art?

VR’s advantage is that it gives the audience and the artist more immersion than traditional painting or sculptures would. You can sculpt entire environments that could give an atmosphere and engage the audience in a way that is completely unique only to VR. This level of engagement is very appealing to artists, as it can also improve their workflow if they themselves can get really into their creation. Then, they can deliver more of an experience for the viewer and be more satisfied with their artwork.

What does VR mean for other industries?

VR really is a new and emerging technology that can be used in many fields like medical, job training, collaborative working, etc. This tool is extremely helpful during COVID-19 lockdowns as it virtually mimics an office and allows for collaborative workflows, while you follow your social distancing policies.